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EU Cookie directive

In order to comply with the EU's Privacy and Communications Directive that came into force on the 26 May 2011, we have to give you the following information.

We hope the following will put your mind at rest about the cookies we use but if you have any further questions please email

Shopping Basket Cookies

Our cookies are small text files saved on your computer by our Shopping Basket. Only our Shopping Basket can read these cookies. The cookies save the contents of your Shopping Basket on your computer until you 'check out'. If you leave the site without 'checking out' the cookie stays on your computer for about 30 minutes and then 'dies'. This means you can come back to our site within 30 minutes of not 'checking out' and pick up where you left off - assuming you haven't closed your internet connection/browser in the meantime. After this time you would have to start again. If you stay on the site you can take longer than 30 minutes to shop as long as you check the basket every 10 minutes or so.

There is an option on the address page for remembering your details. This is also done by a cookie. You can leave the box blank and no cookie will be placed on your computer. If you do tick the box the cookie only remembers your name and address not your payment details. Again this cookie can only be 'read' by our site Shopping Basket not by anyone else. This cookie stays on your computer until you visit our site again and 'check out'. If on the next visit you do not tick the box the cookie will be removed.

Forum and Guestbook Cookies

The forum only uses cookies to remember who you are. When you became a member you were asked to agree to those cookies. The forum is only accessible via the website forum link which has a cookie agreement clause. The guestbook also uses a session cookie which dies when you leave the guestbook

Conversion Cookies

Occasionally we may use a conversion cookie to determine which Facebook or Google adverts have worked best. If you have not arrived at our website via an advert this cookie will not be on your device. We do not give your information to any other company and it is entirely for our own internal use. For more information on this, including how to opt out, please email

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Maximum UK Postage and Packing is £3.80 per order. UK orders over £40 are P+P Free. We are unable to accept orders for delivery outside the UK at the moment.
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