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Non-UK Customers

Brexit Update

We are reluctantly having to temporarily stop sending to countries outside the UK. The reason for this is that the Royal Mail programme we use to apply postage, create labels and send Electronic Customs Data is having some teething problems.  We hope to be able to resume sending when we are confident their system is working correctly.

Update February 2021 - we are still not happy with the Royal Mail system for Electronic Customs.

Just before Xmas we had a letter from Royal Mail stating the Electronic Customs data we had been doing for the last 6 months was not compliant. We were warned if we sent any parcels after Brexit that were not compliant they would be returned. However, all the items they stated we were not compliant on were things that Royal Mail already had details of (senders country and postage costs) so we are at a loss on how we can be non-compliant. 

We have just had another letter from them to say we are not compliant but, as we have not sent any parcels outside the UK for the last 8 weeks, we are at a lost at to why they are saying that.

There is the added complication that we can't send to Russia, Brazil, Canada, Peru and Australia without the Addressee Identification Reference Number. But we are sure that customers would not be too happy to give this information which is apparently similar to the UK National Insurance number.

Until we can have a long conversation with Royal Mail and get assurances from them that they have sorted their problems, we feel we can't send outside the UK, especially if there is a risk the parcel will not be delivered.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update March 1st 2021

We have sent a couple of parcels out to customers to test the system and believe they got through ok. We will have to wait another few weeks to see if we get any more letters from Royal Mail.

The main reason for this update is to highlight another problem we have been having which is not resolved. In order to remove the UK VAT from an order for Non-UK customers we have to prove the parcel has been sent outside the UK. This has always been the case for outside the EU and a signed Certificate of Posting was acceptable for this which our Royal Mail pickup did. The Certificate of Posting just had the address of the customer on it and we could fit 3 or 4 on each A6 card. Unfortunately we have now been told this is no longer acceptable and we have to fill in an A4 sheet with lots of details for each parcel. That form then has to be stamped and signed by Royal Mail, not something the Royal Mail pickup can do any more. We have been told our only option is to go to the Post Office, wait in the socially distanced line and get the forms stamped there. We are very sorry but this is not something we are able to do at the moment. We are still waiting to hear back from HMRC on if we have to do this for non VAT items like books, if we don't then we could open up Non-UK orders which only have books in them.

We are really sorry we are not able to send parcels to all our customers outside the UK until this has been sorted and are very sorry for any inconvenience.

Coronavirus update

Some countries have closed their borders to Airlines and therefore the delivery of some Airmail parcels may be affected. We have been advised by Royal Mail that they will securely hold any parcels unable to be flown out of the UK in a secure area until the borders open again.

You can find their up to date information per country on the following link.

Shipping and packing costs - non-UK

We are unable to give you an exact price for Airmail Deliveries for outside the UK unless you place an order first. After you have ordered we will email you with the exact Shipping and Packing (S+P) costs in UK Pounds within 3 working days (usually quicker) unless a delay is noted in the shopping basket. We do have a Currency Converter you can use to check the approximate price in your own currency.

We can give you the following guide, but it will only be useful if you are ordering yarn. All the books and pattern leaflets weigh different amounts so you will probably not be able to guess the weight. Pattern leaflets and books are usually sent in a Board Backed Envelope which does add some weight. You can request a paper envelope in the Message Box on the Shopping Basket page. We do have a list of the weights of the Jean Greenhowe Books and the possible packaging which will be used, this will be helpful if you only order JG books.

Royal Mail have added a new option to Airmail for "Large Letter". We can use this for single Pattern Leaflet orders which will give you a cheaper option, but only if you order one pattern leaflet and the whole order is below 100g. Please be aware, if you add a free knitting and crochet card in the shopping basket this may take your order over the 100g. Some pattern leaflets may use thicker paper or have more than a couple of sheets and therefore go above the 100g limit.

Please remember to add something to the Nett weight of the yarn for packaging etc. The Nett weight of the yarn is an approximate weight and can be quite a bit more if it uses a card inner, so please take this into account too. The only way of finding out the exact price of your parcel is to order via the Shopping Basket and wait for the Shipping & Packing quote email.

There is a maximum Airmail parcel weight of 2000g (2kg) so the weight of your yarn will need to be quite a bit less than this to allow for Packaging. Any order over this amount may be sent in more than one parcel.

You can add a note to your order in the Message Box to say you accept any extra Shipping and Packing costs if you wish. If you do this we will still send you an email with your S+P costs, but we will not wait for an answer before we send your parcel.

We are now able to offer International Tracked as an option in our Shipping Quote emails for some countries. If this option is shown in your shipping quote you do need to state that is what you require when you reply to the Shipping Quote email. If you do not specifically state you require Tracked we will send via our Standard Airmail. Some countries allow Tracked and Signed for the same price, we will send by that if we can, but we will only know when we print the label.

All prices are in UK Pounds.

Standard airmail

Single Pattern Leaflet only
Up to 100g
£4.36 £5.40 £5.40 £5.40
Up to 100g £6.80 £8.23 £9.50 £10.54
Up to 250g £6.91 £9.44 £11.15 £12.19
Up to 500g £8.95 £13.40 £15.99 £18.13
Up to 750g £10.27 £16.32 £19.23 £21.05
Up to 1000g £11.42 £19.29 £22.59 £24.84
Up to 1250g £12.36 £21.71 £25.78 £28.64
Up to 1500g £13.51 £24.18 £29.19 £31.66
Up to 2000g £14.50 £25.28 £30.95 £33.04

Tracked airmail

Single Pattern Leaflet only
Up to 100g
£10.41 £11.45 £11.56 £11.56
Up to 100g £11.97 £13.57 £14.67 £15.49
Up to 250g £12.08 £14.56 £16.10 £17.14
Up to 500g £13.68 £18.35 £20.72 £22.81
Up to 750g £14.78 £20.88 £23.63 £24.90
Up to 1000g £15.71 £23.69 £26.88 £28.69
Up to 1250g £16.15 £25.72 £29.52 £32.49
Up to 1500g £16.76 £27.26 £32.27 £35.51
Up to 2000g £16.98 £27.54 £33.31 £36.06

*The following information on Zones has been supplied by Royal Mail. More information can be found on their website -


Albania Denmark (EU) Kyrgyzstan Russia
Andorra Estonia (EU) Latvia (EU) San Marino
Armenia Faroe Islands Liechtenstein Serbia
Austria (EU) Finland (EU) Lithuania (EU) Slovakia (EU)
Azerbaijan France (EU) Luxembourg (EU) Slovenia (EU)
Azores (EU) Georgia Macedonia Spain (EU)
Balearic Islands (EU) Germany (EU) Madeira (EU) Sweden (EU)
Belarus Gibraltar (EU) Malta (EU) Switzerland
Belgium (EU) Greece (EU) Moldova Tajikistan
Bosnia Herzegovina Greenland Monaco (EU) Turkey
Bulgaria (EU) Hungary (EU) Montenegro Turkmenistan
Canary Islands Iceland Netherlands (EU) Ukraine
Corsica (EU) Irish Republic (EU) Norway Uzbekistan
Croatia (EU) Italy (EU) Poland (EU) Vatican City State
Cyprus (EU) Kazakhstan Portugal (EU)  
Czech Republic (EU) Kosovo Romania (EU)  

World zone 1

Covers all countries, not defined as being in Europe, USA or World Zone 2.

World Zone 1 generally covers countries in North America (except USA), South America, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East and South East Asia.

World zone 2

Australia Keeling People's Democratic Republic of Laos
Belau Kiribati Pitcairn Island
British Indian Ocean Territory Macao Singapore
Christmas Island (Indian Ocean) Nauru Island Solomon Islands
Christmas Island (Pacific Ocean) New Caledonia Tahiti
Cocos Islands New Zealand Tokelau Islands
Cook Island New Zealand Antarctic Territory Tonga
Coral Sea Island Niue Island Tuvalu
Fiji Norfolk Island US Samoa
French Polynesia Norwegian Antarctic Territory Western Samoa
French South Antarctic Territory Papua New Guinea  

All the details on this page are for information only and we reserve the right to change it without notice. For the exact price of your parcel, please order and wait for the Shipping and Packing quote.

All prices are in UK Pounds and include UK VAT. Secure Shopping Basket. There is no minimum order.
Maximum Postage and Packing is £3.30 per order (UK only). UK orders over £40 are P+P Free. If your parcel is to be posted outside the UK please check our S+P Information Page.
Updated 03/03/21
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