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So you can see the sort of thing we send out, the Newsletter sent on 18th August 2019 is shown below.

There have been lots of other newsletters sent out prior to this one which you can find on our original website newsletter archive.

August 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our latest Newsletter.

First we must apologise because this newsletter is VERY late, but there are good reasons :-)

When the newsletter was due to be sent in April, we did not have many new items to let you know about. The reason for that soon became clear, but more on that later. Also around that time we found out that the Newsletter programme we used was no longer available, we have obviously solved that problem or you wouldn't be reading this :-o

We were still pretty busy finishing off the new DKY website (more on that later too) and starting the new Craft Bits website (ditto). We kept saying to ourselves, "When we finish the websites we will get the newsletter written", but as often happens, that plan went out the window.

Slap in the middle of the CB website upgrade, we found out that there were a LOT of new items from our yarn suppliers which we did not know about. There then followed a mad dash to finish the CB website to be ready to add the new items to DKY and remove the discontinued shades.

When we eventually got the full list of new yarns and colours we were astounded by how many there were. These new items were from the spring/summer season AND autumn/winter, which means double the amount there would normally be. There also seems to be a vast number of new yarns from Sirdar, Sublime and Hayfield, more than the last few years combined.

A decision had to be made on whether to send out a newsletter before we started or to wait until all were done. As the list is so long, and taking a while to do, we decided to go somewhere in the middle and send today before we finish the autumn/winter yarns. We have created a special page online for you to see all the new yarns, even the ones not completed yet.

That brings us to our next question, which ones to get in stock and which ones to supply on pre-order? All yarns are available by the ball, even the pre-order yarns, therefore the question is not as hard as it was when we only supplied pre-orders in packs. But we would love some help from you, our customers, as to what you, our customers, think we should stock. The reason for making up that special page online showing all the new yarns now becomes obvious. We would love you to check it out and contact us with your suggestions. Don't worry, we won't hold you to it, we just want to know what you think everyone will like :-)

Enough of the waffle - lets see the yarns.

New items

We really don't want to bung up your inbox with a massive email, therefore only the highlights are shown here - although it is still very long :-(

You can find the full list on the DKY Forum (no need to register to view) in the sections for Hayfield, James C.Brett, Sirdar and Sublime. You can also find some highlighted on the "New Items" page on the website -

Items in Stock

We have two New Yarns from James C.Brett.

Driftwood DK in 6 self patterning colours in 100g balls plus 4 pattern leaflets.

It's Pure Cotton DK - 10 colours in 100g balls plus 6 pattern leaflets.

There are 8 new Pattern Leaflets in Double Knit from UKHKA - 187 to 194, although we do hear there are more new ones coming soon :-)

We have new colours in James C.Brett Baby Double Knit 400g balls, James C.Brett Baby Twinkle DK, Sirdar Snuggly Double Knit 50g balls, Sirdar Alpine Luxe Fur Effect (shown), Sirdar Funky Fur, Hayfield Bonus DK 100g and Hayfield Journey DK (shown).

We also have 6 JCB Flutterby Quick Knit Pattern Leaflets.

Pre-order Items

There are 8 new yarns already online 'by the ball' and 12 more still to add. Two of our favourites are shown here.

Sublime Isabella DK comes in 16 colours and is a blend of 55% Wool and 45% cotton. Sublime say it has a "wonderfully clear stitch definition and is fully machine washable."

Sirdar Snuggly Bouclette has a cute bobbly effect and comes in 12 shades. Sirdar says it is "a natural wool blend which combines a fun texture with a babysoft touch."

Remember, all the new yarns can be viewed online.

There are new shades in 14 James C.Brett yarns, 9 Sirdar yarns and 12 Hayfield yarns with 83 more to come in both Sirdar and Hayfield. Any yarn with new items are noted on their main pages and the new colours are noted within the yarn pages.

We have finished all the new Sublime updates with new shades in 9 yarns, one of which (Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK) has 17 new shades.

Surprisingly, we can only see one new book at the moment, Sirdar Snuggly Baby Pastel Book 529. We assume it uses the new Sirdar Snuggly colours and you can see a slide show of the designs on our website.

We are sure there are more new books, we just haven't found them in the mountain of info we have to go through.

And we are sure there are hundreds of new patterns too which will be put online as soon as we can :-)

Nnew websites

One of the things we have always wanted for our new website is a search bar. Because our site is not database driven (we prefer the flexibility of Hand Coded) a site wide search bar is not easy.

We could use a Google Bar like quite a few other sites, Google would trawl our whole site and throw up any page with anything on it which is included in your search term - often not especially relevant or helpful.

After much searching and testing, we have chosen to add a table search bar to each of the main Site Maps pages. We think this, coupled with the ability to sort the table which we have used for a while, is the best option available to us at the moment.

We would love customers to check this for us, especially as we do not have access to every browser and device that connects to the internet.

The following list shows the different pages the search bars are on. Please post, message, tweet or email us with what you think :-)

The other big change we have made on the new DKY responsive site is to unify the shopping basket with the original website on Whichever site you shop on the items will all go into the same basket. There are links on the basket page back to the original website and new website (shown below). We hope that, even if you started shopping in the original site, you will try out the new site when you get to the basket page.

And finally - our sister site Craft Bits was the only CPU Enterprises site not optimised for mobile. We have spent the last few months re-designing the whole site and getting it ready to go live. Because of a restriction on size of the Craft Bits hosting, we have created a temporary version on the cpu-enterprises hosting for checking and testing. You can access the new site, and order, via the following temporary link.

At the moment, orders placed on the above site do not go to the same shopping basket as orders, but we hope to unify them in the next month, just like the DKY website above. When we are sure it all works, the existing CB website will be removed and replaced with the new one.

Any feedback you can give on any of the above will help enormously.

There should also be a section on here about new items on Craft Kits, but we will leave that for next time :-)

Remember, all links to our site in this newsletter go to our new Responsive Website - If you prefer our old style desktop version you can still find it on at the moment, but new items will not be added to that website.

We hope you found something interesting above, if not let us know what info you would like to see. We really value your comments and look forward to hearing from you.

You can contact us via Facebook DKYarns, Twitter @cpu_dky, Google+, the DKY Forum, or e-mail on any of the following - - -

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