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So you can see the sort of thing we send out, the Newsletter sent on 2nd April 2024 is shown below.

There have been lots of other newsletters sent out prior to this one, links to more recent ones can be found on our Archive Page.

Spring 2024 Newsletter

Welcome to our latest Newsletter.

This newsletter include details of some new items (including Craft Kits), P+P prices and some recent redesigns.

New items

Full details for all the following went on our Customer Forum and the New Items page when they went online.

Crafty Knits are small 25g balls of Double Knit Acrylic Yarn, perfect for small items and toy making in either knitting or crochet.

We have 39 colours in stock, including the 2 new ones - Slate Grey (427) and Lilac (428) .

There are also new colours in the following yarns, some in stock and the rest on Pre-Order.

UKHKA dedicate themselves to promoting yarn crafts and produce some lovely pattern leaflets, all of which we keep in stock. They have just created 2 new booklets - Learn to Crochet and Learn to Knit

Each A5 size booklet has 16 pages which contain instructions on the basics of each craft plus 3 granny square patterns.

James C. Brett have brought out some new Pattern Leaflets which are now in stock.

Top Value Double Knit - 4 new pattern leaflets - JB906 to JB909

Shhh Double Knit - 4 new Pattern Leaflets - JB898 to JB901

Rustic With Wool Aran - 4 new Pattern Leaflets - JB890 to JB893

We regularly add new Craft Bags, Needle Bags and Yarn Holders to our Accessories & Gifts pages.

Picture shows the newest ones added.

Also on the Accessories & Gifts pages are these new Unicorn Retractable Tape Measures and Flat Rings which have lots of uses - mark pattern repeats, the beginning of a round, count cast on stitches etc.

Royal Mail Tracked

Last Newsletter (December 2023) we told you we had moved to Royal Mail Tracked for all our parcels and Large Letters.

While we were disappointed initially in some of the tracking and billing information, it appears to have settled down and we are now fairly happy with our choice. Hopefully you are too, please do let us know, especially if you find the email and/or text you get from Royal Mail helpful.

There are also a couple of benefits we had not realised at first.

Firstly the price we pay will NOT be rising in April along with the other Royal Mail price increases published recently. Our contract started in November and that is when our price will no doubt increase. So we are happy we do not have to pass on Royal Mail price increases twice a year.

Secondly, we can actually send much bigger parcels than the standard parcel contract would allow us, up to 30kg actually. However parcels do have to be within a certain size so its unlikely we could actually send 30kg of yarn. But it does mean we can continue with the free P+P for orders over £40 as it costs us the same to send a 25g ball of yarn or the maximum 30kg.

We do have to send a minimum amount each quarter to be able to continue to use tracked, so far we are well over the minimum, but it is coming up to our quieter time, so do please continue to order from us

Forum and Guestbook Redesign

You may have noticed our Customer Forum and Customer Feedback Guestbook have changed and we wanted to tell you why.

The old forum and guestbook used an outdated version of PHP, which our hoster has, quite rightly, refused to use any more.

Therefore we had 2 weeks to update both, the guestbook was replaced with a new one and the forum has been upgraded to the latest version. Both should now be responsive like the rest of the website and look just as good on a mobile or desktop computer.

It took a while to get the styles to match our website (blues) and we would love some feedback on what you think. The pictures below show the new forum, old forum, new guestbook and old guestbook. If anyone has any problems or suggestions please do contact us.

Hopefully you like what we have done and we look forward to hearing from you.

CPU Enterprises Redesign

While we are on the subject of redesigns, we thought we would let you know what we have done with the domain.

This domain used to point to the Dianne's Knitting Yarns website, but CPU Enterprises encompasses all our websites (DKY, Craft Bits & Craft Kits) so we have redesigned to reflect this.

We have added About Us & Contact Us pages which gives info on each of the websites as well as info about CPU in general.

Hopefully you like what we have done and we look forward to hearing from you.

Craft Kits and Gifts

Craft Kits is one of our Sister websites, along with Craft Bits. We include new items from CK in our Newsletters as we know a lot of our customers also shop with CK, who do not have a Newsletter of their own. CB do have a newsletter and you can sign up for that on their Updates Page.

Full details of new kits can be found on the DKY Forum Craft Kits Section of our Forum and on the New Items page on the CK website.

Our biggest seller at the moment is Mouseloft Cross Stitch Kits and we keep in stock every current kit they produce and quite a few discontinued ones.

Each kit contains 14 count Aida, threads, needle and full instructions. The designs will fit within a 64mm diameter circle for framing or cards.

The following are the newest kits we have in stock.

2 new designs - Toadstools, Curious Cat

3 new designs - Toadstool Cottage, Yoga Bunny, Highland Cow

Mouseloft Cross Stitch Kits


Before the pandemic we had some Pixel Hobby kits online, but we had to take them offline when they sold out as we were not able to order from them for quite a while.

We have now been able to order again and have 5 designs from the Pixel Hobby 3 Piece Keyring Kits section in stock.

We will be adding more different kits over time, if there is any you particularly want us to stock please do let us know.

Our Craft Bits website has Pixel Hobby Components in stock so you can make up your own designs.

Mouseloft Cross Stitch Kits

You can contact us via Facebook (DKYarns), Twitter (@cpu_dky), the DKY Forum, or by e-mailing us

We hope you found something interesting above, if not let us know what info you would like to see. We really value your comments and look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards and Stay Safe

Dianne's Knitting Yarns
CPU Enterprises


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