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So you can see the sort of thing we send out, the latest Newsletter sent on 27th November 2018 is shown below. Some of the links may go to our original website and not this new website.

There have been lots of other newsletters sent out which you can find on our original website newsletter archive.

Winter 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our final Newsletter of 2018.

This email covers Last Xmas Posting Dates, Holiday Opening Hours, Part 6 of Behind the Scenes, New Items and a link to an interesting blog.

With Christmas less than a month away, everyone always seems too busy to relax. So why not combine presents and relaxation by crafting your gifts this year?

There has been a lot of publicity about the Martin Lewis campaign to stop unnecessary gift giving. Obviously not for children, but for the extended family and friends, the list that seems to get longer every year. If you really feel you can't stop because others still give to you, then why not make your gifts. We are sure they will be cherished long after other gifts are sent to the charity shop. Or better still, give items to get them started on a craft you love, part of your present could be your time to teach them :-)

Our sister sites - Craft Kits and Craft Bits - have suggestions for gifts to make, plus bits & bobs to help you jazz things up or finish off those crafty gifts. We have a list on our website of Gifts and Accessories, you also still have time (if you are quick) to make that essential Christmas Jumper or Socks.

We would love to hear what you decide to do this year on our Forum, Facebook page or on Twitter.

Most links to our site in this newsletter go to our new Responsive Website which is now fully live. If you prefer our old style desktop version you can still find it on at the moment. Both are being updated at the moment, which means double the work - check out Part 6 of Behind the Scenes below.

We hope you find something of interest in this email - please let us know if you do, or let us know what you would rather we include in the next one.

You can contact us via Facebook DKYarns, Twitter @cpu_dky, Google+, the DKY Forum, or e-mail

New Items

This month we have a new yarn, some new pattern leaflets and a couple of new Pre-order colours. We have only shown the yarn below, so please do check out the DKY Forum for a full list.

James C.Brett Funny Feetz 4ply is a self striping sock yarn in six bright colour combinations. It is made from a blend of 75% Superwash Wool and 25% Polyamide (nylon) which makes it hard wearing and durable.

Although it may be designed for Socks, we firmly believe you clever knitters will soon find more things to do with this fun 4ply yarn. Feed your Imagination!

Earlier we mentioned an interesting blog, as it is related to sock knitting we decided to slip it in here.

The UKHKA promote knitting in the UK, they have an email newsletter and a blog which often includes some interesting articles.

The one that caught our eye in their latest email was about the Kitchener Stitch for seam free sock toes.

Click the picture to take a look and let us know if it is useful or if you have other tips you wish to share :-)

Behind the Scenes - Part Six

In some of the past newsletters we have talked about staff, postage labels and GDPR. Now our new responsive website is up and running, we thought we would give you an insight into what this means. We would also like your help with how to proceed with pattern pages and search functions.

A responsive website allows users on any platform (Mobile, tablet or Desktop) to have the best view of the pages. Sometimes this means there is slightly less functionality on smaller screens but you can still buy everything on the website.

Lets take a yarn page for example, there are three main things we would like to point out which change.

On larger screens there is a side bar on the right which shows patterns or books in that yarn. There are two lines of yarn swatches and you can click the swatch to get a bigger picture.

On smaller screens there is no side bar but you can get to the patterns & books via the top navigation bar.

There are still two lines of yarn swatches and you can still click the swatch to get a bigger picture.

On small screens there is no side bar and the yarn swatches become a single line going down the page.

The swatches automatically resize so you always get the best view for your device without a popup of the bigger picture.

The pattern and book pages also vary on different screen sizes. We have changed how each main page looks, with pictures of yarn balls and patterns instead of just text links. We hope that all makes sense, but if you have any more questions please let us know.

As the site is done "in house", rather than with a web design agency, it has taken much longer than we expected, but it means we can add new items quickly or remove discontinued items when they sell out. At the moment both sites are being updated, this means double the work, but we will continue to do this until we are completely sure we have the new site right.

We decided not to change to a database driven website because we did not want it to look like every other site out there. But no database means no search bar, we therefore have to rely on Site Maps to get you to the right place. However, we are testing a couple of new Site Map Search functions to make those pages more useful. We would love some of you to test the pages we will be creating over the next few months.

The other thing we would like some help with is how you shop for patterns. At the moment, we have patterns listed via manufacturer and yarn, plus a list of Fashion Dolls Patterns (asked for by a customer), Socks and Xmas Patterns. What other pages would you like? Or do you want a full list of all patterns as we have on our original website? We have created a Pattern Leaflets Poll and would love your feedback to help us create the right pages online. If you are interested in testing the site maps or pattern pages, please email us or fill in the poll and add your email address in the final section.

If you have any other questions or comments about the new site please let us know. If you would like to find out more about how CPU Enterprises and DKY started, you can read the past newsletter stories by Peter in our Archive Blog or previous Newsletters on our original website.

We hope you are finding our series interesting, if there is anything else you would like to see in our newsletters then please let us know.

Last Posting Dates and Holiday Opening Hours

You can find all our last posting dates, based on information from Royal Mail, for delivery before Christmas Day on the Info Pages online or via this link - Last Posting Dates.

We send our Non-UK parcels by Airmail, and different countries have different dates, so please do check out our list online.

All our UK parcels are sent by First Class Post, so if you order before 1pm on Thursday 20th December your parcel should be sent on that last posting date (subject to stock etc...)

We will then be closed until Friday 4th January 2019, but we will try to answer emails over the holidays if we can.

Please Note - the last time we will be ordering from our suppliers is on Monday 3rd December 2018. So if you are intending to order any Pre-order Yarns, Balls or Patterns, please order before 1pm on that date (UK orders only).

We hope you found something interesting above, if not let us know what info you would like to see. We really value your comments and look forward to hearing from you.

Everyone at Dianne's Knitting Yarns, Craft Kits, Craft Bits and CPU Enterprises would like to wish you all good health and prosperity over this holiday time and in 2019.

Dianne's Knitting Yarns
CPU Enterprises


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