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So you can see the sort of thing we send out, the Newsletter sent on 17th July 2022 is shown below.

There have been lots of other newsletters sent out prior to this one, links to more recent ones can be found on our Archive Page.

July 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to our Summer 2022 Newsletter.

This newsletter is just a quick update on new stock, hot weather crafting and the sad demise of our original website

New items

We have new colours in 2 James C. Brett yarns, full details went on our Customer Forum and the New Items page on our website when they went online.

We have the 4 new colours in stock (IC25 to IC28) in James C. Brett It's Pure Cotton Double Knit which is 100% Cotton in great value 100g balls. It was brought out as a replacement for the popular but discontinued JCB Cotton On DK, of which we do still have a few colours left.

James C.Brett Marble DK Pattern Leaflets

There are 10 new colours in James C. Brett Top Value Double Knit 100g balls in 100% Premium Acrylic. This is a great value yarn perfect for hard wearing kids clothes and toy making.

We do not keep all the colours in stock as there are so many, but they can be ordered online for delivery when they come in stock - we call this Pre-order.

We were among the first online retailer to do this many years ago and have always been upfront about which colours are in stock and which are Pre-order. Not all online retailers are, so you get a shock when they don't send out your parcel for weeks !

We also do not charge your card until the day your parcel is picked up by Royal Mail, again unlike some retailers.

The new colours are shown below and are shades 8468 to 8477. We recently found out why this yarn has this style of shade number when most of the JCB yarns don't. This yarn was first sold in 1984 - so the first 2 digits of all the shades are 84

James C. Brett Top Value Double Knit

Hot Weather Crafting

All winter we look forward to the warmer weather, and now we have it we think it is too hot, which it is

We are proud supporters of the UK Hand Knitting Association (UKHKA) and keep all their Pattern Leaflets in stock. Along with producing leaflets, they also work hard to promote Knitting & Crochet in the UK -

We receive their Newsletter which is always full of interesting articles, and this month is no exception. The topic that caught our eye was about Summer Knitting - a small section of their blog is shown below.

"Summer knitting is always a topic for debate. Some people think that working with yarn is a cold weather only activity while others of us wouldn’t be without our needles and hooks regardless of what the thermometer says."

"That said, casting on an over-sized chunky cardigan may not be the ideal option for a sunny July afternoon. Accessories can be a good choice because they are often made in lighter yarns or are smaller projects."

They then go on to suggest various items to create such as bags or shawls.

We would suggest even smaller items such as baby hats & mittens, dolls clothes (especially for fashion dolls), socks and toys using short needles. Personally I like to crochet as you only have one tool in your hand and cotton yarns always feel cooler to handle

The other thing we like to do in hot weather is Cross Stitch, especially little handbag kits like the ones Mouseloft produce. You can find their full range on our Sister Website along with lots of other kits suitable for the school holidays -

Feel free to let us know what crafting, if any, you do in the hot weather via Social Media or email, we may share the best ideas on the Customer Forum .

CPU Enterprises Website

As many of you know, we have several website domains, some of which go to different main pages on our new website. We have added a full list below the signature for this newsletter only.

However the hosting for the original one (, is having some problems. That domain pointed to our original desktop version which you could still shop on, but did not have all the new yarns.

We have taken this problem as a sign that we should retire that version of Dianne's Knitting Yarns and concentrate on our newer Responsive version which works across all platforms (mobile, tablet & desktop).

Any links you had to the CPU domain will go to the main page of the new website on We have not been able to do corresponding direct links because of the problems with the hosting - we are sorry for any inconvenience.

Emails to any CPU email address are being forwarded so should still get through with no problem.

The main problem it has caused is on the Customer Forum. Many of the pictures were pointing to the CPU hosting so they now don't exist. We are amending the pictures to point to the new website but it is taking a very long time. We are doing the most up to date posts first in all sections. If there is a particular section you would like us to focus on please do let us know.

If you do find any other problems due to this, or anything else, please do get in touch and let us know

You can contact us via Facebook DKYarns, Twitter @cpu_dky, the DKY Forum, or e-mail on any of the following - - -

We hope you found something interesting above, if not let us know what info you would like to see. We really value your comments and look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards and Stay Safe

Dianne's Knitting Yarns
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