Pre-order Patterns & Books

The delay on Pre-orders is extended to at least 4 weeks over the holidays as all our suppliers close down for a couple of weeks so we cannot order until they re-open in January.

Please remember the whole of the order containing a Pre-order item will be delayed until that item has come in stock - if you want the rest of the order quicker please put in a separate order.

Pre-order Pattern Leaflets may be in stock, therefore they may be sent straight away. We buy at least 3 of each one when ordered and the spare ones are kept for the next customer, so you have an approximate 50/50 chance the pattern is in stock. Pre-order Books will not be in stock yet as we are short on room.

For Pattern Leaflets & Books which are not in stock, the delay is usually only a few days but occasionally the delay may be extended, especially during the summer months and New Year holidays. The delay may also be extended during other times but they would normally be noted in the Shopping Basket. If the manufacturer is out of stock, or the delay is much longer than expected, we will email you.

If you order 'in stock' items on the same order as a Pre-order item, the whole order will be held until the Pre-order comes in stock. We are not able to split orders after they have been placed but we can remove items if you wish. If you require other 'in stock' items and do not want to wait for the Special Pre-Order Items to come in stock, please make a separate order with just the 'in stock' items you require quicker. (i.e. place 2 orders - 1 with the Pre-order items and one with the 'in stock' items). However we can remove the pattern and send the rest of the order if the pattern is not one of the ones in stock

We will not charge your card for any items until your parcel is ready to send to you.

We realise this will not be suitable for every customer but it does mean we can supply more of the Pattern Leaflets that the manufacturers make.

This information forms part of the Terms and Conditions you agree to by continuing with your order.