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Wendy and Peter Pan Yarns Survey

The question asked was - How interested are you in ........?

The following graphs shows the percentages of replies which gave the answers - A Lot, A Little and Not Much - for each yarn.

To give us more of an over view of which would be the most popular, we weighted the answers in the following way.

"A Lot" percentages were factored by 3 so given the most weight.

"A Little" percentages were factored by 2 so given some weight.

"Not Much" was not factored at all.

The following graphs gives the results of the factored answers which we hope gives a better view of which would be the most popular yarns with the survey responders.


The following list shows what we believe to be the yarns from most popular to least popular taking the results of the survey so far.

  1. Peter Pan DK
  2. Wendy Supreme DK
  3. Wendy with Wool DK
  4. Wendy with Wool Aran Tweed
  5. Wendy with Wool Aran
  6. Peter Pan 4ply
  7. Wendy Pure Wool Aran
  8. Peter Pan Precious Chunky
  9. Peter Pan 2ply
  10. Wendy with Wool Super Chunky
  11. Wendy Husky Super Chunky
  12. Peter Pan 3ply

There is a new yarn called Wendy Knits Recycled Super Chunky which has only just been added to the survey so does not have enough results at the moment.

Feel free to email us with where you would put this new yarn.







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