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UK Postage and Packing Prices (January 2015)

Royal Mail have yet again put up the price we pay for parcels

Not only has the price per parcel gone up, but the Fuel Surcharge has risen from 3% to 4%.

But we still feel Royal Mail is the best delivery service for the type of parcel we send.

Therefore we have reluctantly taken the decision to raise our P+P price to £3.30 on 20th March 2020. We will be keeping the P+P FREE limit at £40 so you can always order more to get around the price rise :-)

We are really sorry this is very short notice but RM have only just confirmed the prices with us.

We are still checking on the Pattern Leaflet postage prices, we hope not to change the £1.50 and £2.50 prices but may have to if the figures don't add up. We will update the UK P+P Info Page online as soon as we can.

The above only apply to UK deliveries, Non-UK parcels will continue to get a S+P quote by email after they have ordered. As soon as we have worked out the new prices we will put them on the Non UK S+P Info Page,

Our commitment has always been to give the customer the best possible prices and service we can. We intent to continue to do this :-)

UK Postage and Packing Prices (January 2015)

We have been running an experiment for a couple of months for existing UK customers to receive a code giving them free postage on orders over £40. We also surveyed some of those customers about this and postage costs in general.

The results of this exercise have now been collated and we would now like to offer all UK customers the FREE POSTAGE if they order over £40.

We are able to do this for UK customers because of the way our postage costs are calculated by Royal Mail. It costs us the same to send a small parcel as it does a large parcel, therefore we feel we can now give a discount of FREE UK POSTAGE on larger orders.

This will be an automatic process in the shopping basket and works the same as on our Craft Bits website.

Non-UK orders will continue to receive an email with the shipping and packing costs after they have ordered. We are sorry but we are unable to offer this discount on their postage as we already only charge what it costs us to package and send.

UK Postage and Packing Prices (March 2014)

We have been looking at the new Royal Mail UK prices and our past postage records in great detail and have noticed a couple of things.

We pay the same price to send a 25g ball of wool as we do for a 1000g pack and when the price changes again on 31st March, that price will have gone up by over 40p since we last changed our P+P prices. Therefore we regrettably have had to raise the basic UK price to £3.20. This price rise has been advertised in the DKY Forum, on our Facebook page and in the monthly email update we send out.

We very much regret the need to increase these rates and hope that you do understand our position.

DKY Customer Survey 2012

Over the years we have occasionally done Customer Surveys to see how yarn is used by customers.

The results of the last couple of surveys are available via the links below. [Temporarily removed, please let us know by email if you would like to see the results.]

Results DKY Survey 2008

Results DKY Survey 2005

Results DKY Survey 2003

Results DKY Survey 2012

The questions are more or less the same as previous years so that we can get a direct comparison with the past.

A link to the same survey is also on the Website Forum, in the latest Email Updates (June 2012 to December 2012) and on our Facebook Page. Please DO NOT complete it more than once as that will make the results inaccurate. Ends at the end of 2012 - results should be available around the end of January 2013 via the Info Link

Additional Card Payment Types (May 2012)

Streamline have added a couple of new card types to the ones we can accept - Discover and Diners Club International. We now accept the following


MasterCard, Visa Credit, Visa Debit, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Maestro, JCB, Discover, Diners Club International and American Express.

UK Postage and Packing Price Rise (April 2012)

Royal Mail have increased the postal charges many times over the last 5 years since we last increased our main P+P price. We have also had increases to Visa Charges and packaging costs.

We are increasing both the main P+P price and the Pattern Leaflet P+P price on 20th April at 12.30 lunchtime. We will honour the P+P price on any order (including Pre-order) placed before 12.30pm on Friday 20th April 2012.

After that date/time the main P+P price will automatically change in the shopping basket to £2.95.

Pattern Leaflet P+P prices will be dependant on the number of patterns ordered.

1 to 5 pattern leaflets - £1.50 P+P

6 to 24 pattern leaflets - £2.50 P+P

25+ pattern leaflets - £2.95 P+P

We are able to keep the Pattern Book P+P price at £2.50 for up to 4 books, 5+ books have a P+P of £2.95.

If you put books and leaflets in the Shopping Basket then the above prices change at different places - click HERE for more info on exactly when.

Some accessories are also at the £2.50 P+P for up to 5 items - click HERE for more info

We very much regret the need to increase these rates and hope that it does not need to happen again for another few years

VAT Statement from CPU Enterprises (December 2010)

Please click HERE to open the VAT Statement from CPU Enterprises in PDF format.

If you do not have a PDF reader please click HERE to visit a site where you can download a copy.

If you have any comments please let us know either on the forum or by emailing us .

Feedback is very valuable to us as our aim is your satisfaction

Price Increases from Manufacturers (July 2010)

Prices charged by yarn and pattern manufacturers have risen steadily over the last 18 months but we have resisted putting up prices to customers. However the costs of some items, especially Pattern Leaflets, have now risen to such a point that we can't hold the prices down any longer.

James C.Brett yarns will be going up in price over the next month - Pre-order packs first and then the other yarns as we get new stock in.

Sirdar have told us there is another price increase shortly but we will wait to see what they are before we increase their prices.

Stylecraft will be sending us a new price list shortly and again we will see what they are before we decide.

Current Pattern Leaflets will be going up to £2.15 or £2.45 (Sirdar only) very shortly - Pre-order Patterns will be going up first with others following over the next few weeks. Discontinued pattern leaflets will not go up - they will stay at £2.00 or less. However the P+P charge for all Pattern Leaflet Only orders has gone up to £0.85p (UK Only) for up to 20 leaflets. We believe we are still one of the cheapest online Pattern Leaflet suppliers and will continue to try to give you the best prices possible.

Pattern Leaflet Only Orders (April 2009)

From 1pm on 3rd April 2009 the p+p cost of Pattern Leaflet only orders will be going up to £0.75. However you will get the added benefit of a Card Backed Envelope to ensure your patterns get to you in the best possible condition.

There has been a poll on our Forum for a while asking about what you would like us to do about the recurring problem of Postmen folding envelopes marked "Do Not Bend". It was almost unanimous for Card Backed Envelopes despite the extra cost. The p+p increase is not just to pay for the extra cost of the envelopes but also because Royal Mail is putting up the postage prices on 6th April 2009 - hence the timing.

If you have any comments about this please email us or put a post on the forum.

VAT Statement from CPU Enterprises (November 2008)

Please click HERE to open the VAT Statement from CPU Enterprises in PDF format.

If you do not have a PDF reader please click HERE to visit a site where you can download a copy.

If you have any comments please let us know either on the forum or by emailing us .

Feedback is very valuable to us as our aim is your satisfaction.

Non-UK Parcels (February 2008)

Royal Mail have again changed the way they bill us for Non-UK Postage. We can now do all our postage booking online so the minimum is per order not per sheet as it used to be.

Therefore Non-UK orders are sent out at the same time as UK orders (currently 3 times a week) even if we only have one or two.

The new online system took a bit of getting used to, but now we have it is much quicker for the warehouse staff and we get much more detail on how much everything is costing us.

Non-UK Parcels (September 2007)

Royal Mail are changing the way they bill us for Non-UK Postage. From Saturday 1st September we have to get up to a minimum postage price per collection.

That minimum price is quite low so it should not be a problem but occasionally it may mean we can't send Non-UK orders until we have a few to send at the same time.

However next year they are putting the minimum up by 400% so this will delay Non-UK orders. We have changed the terms and conditions to reflect this delay.

This only affects Non-UK orders - normal UK parcels will still be sent as quickly as we do now

Postage Price Rise (March 2007)

We have not increased our standard postage to you since we first started the website back in February 2000. We have had several price increases to our postage contract with Royal Mail during that time and have not passed them on to you. We have just completed a Postal Cost Audit and find that we can no longer sustain the costs at the previous level; especially when we bare in mind that in April 2007 we will suffer yet another postal increase.

This all means that unfortunately, as from 30th March 2007, our new postal rates to you will be as follows.

For all UK yarn and book orders the new rate will be £2.50p however much you order.

Pattern leaflets UK postage will be £0.50p, again for however many you have, up to a limit of 40 patterns (or less if mixed with Sirdar Loopas). The shopping basket will update automatically when you reach the limit - you can then continue with the higher postage cost of £2.50 or remove some items and put them in a separate order.

Pre-orders and other orders already placed with the previous postage costs will be honoured.

We very much regret the need to increase these rates and hope that it does not need to happen again for another 7 years !!

Shopping Basket Payment Problems (February 2007)

Some customers, particularly those who have recently updated their browser to I.E.7, have been having problems going to the payment page within the shopping basket. These problems are usually caused by the security settings in the browser. Click HERE for more information.

Problems Adding Items to the Basket (February 2006)

Some customers, particularly those who use the AOL browser, have been having problems with some of the things on our site - adding Pattern Leaflets to the basket, seeing the Slide Shows in the Pattern Books etc. These problems are probably caused because these items use JavaScripts and the security setting on their browser may not allow JavaScripts to work. Click HERE for more information.

Pre-Order Yarns (June 2005)

We are often asked for yarns that our suppliers make but we do not have room to stock. We have now added all the yarns that Sirdar, Stylecraft and James C.Brett make for the UK market to our website. However some of the yarns are on a Special Pre-order basis. For more details please click HERE.

Customer Forum (March 2004)

We now have a Customer Forum online for all your craft questions. You can also get information on latest stock additions and coming soon items. Click on FORUM in the navigation above.

Shopping Basket

We hope you like the new Shopping Basket and hope it will make things easier for you to order. The Basket adds up your order as you go and sends you a Customer Receipt when you have finished shopping. If you only order pattern leaflets the Basket recognizes this and doesn't charge you postage (UK only).

If you make a mistake you can change your order in the Shopping Basket.

i.e. - If you have ordered the wrong thing you can remove it by changing the quantity to '0' (zero) and hitting the RECALCULATE button. If you put the wrong quantity in the box you can change it in the Shopping Basket.

If you have any more questions about the Basket or find any glitches we have missed please let our Webmaster know

Customer Tips and Suggestions

Over the next few months we would like to extend our tips pages and would love ideas and help from the experts - you, our customers. We now have a special form [replaced by our Forum] for you to fill in with any tips, suggestions or questions you want to ask/pass on. Or you can email us at and we will start collating your ideas.

Updates and Newsletters

Over the last few months we have been sending out updates and newsletters to let our customers know what we are up to. If you have not received one and would like to be put on our update/newsletter list please send us an email at quoting your Name & Email Address. Alternatively click HERE to see our archive of updates and newsletters.

Site Updates

In the last few weeks we have been tweaking and updating a lot of our pages. The look of, & information on, each of the pages should now be more consistent. We have also been working very hard to make the site more compatible with the Netscape Navigator Browser and hope we have achieve this. If you find any page which doesn't work properly, have suggestions for making your life easier (perhaps shortcut codes) or anything you want more information about please contact me at .

Secure Online Credit Card Payment

Thank you to everyone who has sent in a Feedback Form. One of the questions related to Credit Card Payments. After collating your replies we are pleased to announce that we now accept payment from credit cards ONLINE.

Please DO NOT send your Card Number by e-mail. For more details click HERE

All prices are in UK Pounds and include UK VAT. Secure Shopping Basket. There is no minimum order.
Maximum UK Postage and Packing is £3.80 per order. UK orders over £40 are P+P Free. We are unable to accept orders for delivery outside the UK at the moment.
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